About me

Beni Gartenmann After graduating from high school with a specialization in IT and completing a one-year internship at a software company, where I trained to become an application engineer, I worked as a web developer for another full year. In summer 2011 I started studying for a Bachelor of Sciences degree in Software Engineering, but after one year I left the university because I realized that the scientific way to software development was not my way. Instead I joined my father's the company, Gartenmann Software AG, as a software developer.

During three-and-a-half years I worked on a complete rewrite of one of the software products with an amazing team. I transitioned from being a software developer to becoming the lead project manager and lead designer of the project.
During these years I grew professionally, learned a lot about providing benefits for businesses through software and personally understood what I am most passionate about.

This has lead me to where I am now.
As an independent designer and developer I want to enable businesses to gain productivity through design and software.
Learn more about my services and how they can help your business.

Besides my job in the computer science industry I am a committed volunteer at the aid organisation GOA Switzerland to enable a better future for orphans and street children in Kenya. Through this work, it became my desire to pass on my experience and knowledge to other non-profit organisations, which is why I am investing part of my work time in empowering aid organisations.

Canoe and river As an attempt to have a healthy work-life-balance I am often found on the various waters of Switzerland, pursuing my passion of canoeing. During the summer season I occasionally work as a freelance canoe-guide for Trango, check out their website at http://www.trango.ch

Zur Zeit nicht verfügbar…

Ich werde bis voraussichtlich Ende 2022 keine Kundenprojekte annehmen können.
Falls du informiert werden möchtest, sobald ich wieder für neue Projekte verfügbar bin, kannst du dich über folgende Kanäle mit mir verbinden.