I like it when things are simple and straightforward, when you can grasp and understand it at a glance.

This is also a reason why I do not like big shopping centers. There are very long shelves, full with different varieties of honey, sometimes driven into the irrational. There are honey jars with forest honey, mountain honey and forest honey with a share of mountain honey side by side (together with the hundred other varieties, of course) and I should make a decision for one of them...

In contrast, the selection of honey my parents-in-law provide is downright liberating: spring honey, summer honey, mountain honey. For a delicious honey bread this is more than enough and in addition I am not faced with a decision block in front of a confusing wall of honey jars. As you might expect, this preference for simplicity and manageability also affects other areas of my life. In business, I want to offer this simplicity to my customers, too. However, this is easier said than done!

Of course, I want to provide solutions that are clear and comprehensible to my clients, since this is what I'm paid for. But in my opinion, it has to begin earlier much earlier. My company itself has to be simple and understandable, the services have to be clear and comprehensible, the cooperation with my clients should not be unnecessarily complex. That is why I have been thinking about what services I would like to offer and, above all, how they are most easily accessible to my customers.

To illustrate my solution, I use another shopping center example but this time a positive one. The products in the shops are well labeled, I can see what it is at a glance. If I want to buy rice, I grab a pack out of the shelf and study it more closely. Here I find more information about the exact ingredients, the origin, how to use it (recipes) and how much it costs. With this information I can decide whether I want to buy the pack of rice or not. Can IT services be this simple?

I am convinced that it is possible. It starts with the fact that I do not offer everything for everyone but limit myself to some specific services. These also correspond to my core skills and interests. Of course, I could design a flyer for a concert or offer a Microsoft Word course. But I have purposely decided against it. It should be clear to my customers for what services they can come to me, since I also do not go to the dress shop to buy a pack of rice. My specialization is the simplification and increasing of efficiency in your everyday tasks through well-designed software. All my services are aligned to this goal. Now, this offer is still quite broad and there will be many unanswered questions:

  • What do I really get?
  • What's the price?
  • What can I achieve with it?
  • How long does it take?
  • Do I have to participate? If yes, how?
  • What are the next steps?

To clarify these questions right from the start, I offer productized services, very similar to the pack of rice mentioned above. Of course, a simplification of work and an increase in efficiency can be made at various points. That is why I have compiled three different but complementary service products, always according to the same scheme.

  • Short description of the service and customer benefit
  • Description of the work process and what's required by the customer
  • Price and duration
  • Scope of delivery

The goal of it all: a potential customer can very quickly comprehend, what I'm providing in principle (am I in a dress or grocery store?), what different services I offer (manageable shelf with different products) and whether it is a good fit for them (read product description).

I offer the following three service products:
Single Page Redesign:
It doesn't always have to be a complex redevelopment of the whole website. Often, you can improve the customer experience through a simple redesign of single pages.

Design Sprint:
The conception of new products is time-consuming and often a shot in the dark. It is only after a long period of development that you get to know whether it is a market fit. With a Design Sprint you have a clear and efficient process, so that you get real client feedback after just one week.

Individual project:
Not every design or development project fits in a pre-made box. However, the basic conditions can be easily comprehensible! With this service product the price and duration are fixed, so that the planning remains clear for the customer.

Hopefully, I found a way to make the relationship between me and my customers as easy as possible. Only then I can focus on my primary work: the simplification of companies through design and development!

Update 30.03.2017
I have changed my third product "Individual project", in favor of a more focused approach, providing one specific service.
Read more about the thinking behind it in this article.