Since I've decided to provide only three service products, I wasn't quite happy with the third product — the Individual Project.

It seemed like a bucket for all the other things I could also provide. And this was actually something I wanted to avoid.
Therefore, I made some more thoughts, about what exactly I wanted to provide as a service.
I knew, that I was very interested in the digitalisation of the workflows of small and mid-sized businesses. When someone asked me what kind of service I provide, I usually answered, that I wanted to help small businesses to work more efficiently with modern software customized for their specific needs.

This week I asked myself why I didn't explain and market it this way on my website.
One thing that hindered me from doing that in the first place was this: I also want to offer my skills for freelance projects, where I work together with an existing team. I tried to package this into the "Individual Project" offering as well. But these are two different kind of services, really, and also speaks to different target audiences.

That's why I created two new pages this week, which are:

Specialised Software: Thats my new third service product, focused on mapping your own workflows one-to-one into your specialized business software.

Freelancer: A page with the single purpose to show you my skills, case studies on finished projects, my hourly rate as well as my availability as a freelancer.

I think this new distinction and more focused approach brings more clarity to my services and makes it easier to hire me for your needs.