Design Sprint

Do you have a great app idea? Do you need confirmation that your new feature will work with your customers? Design Sprint means 5 days of focus, concentration and team work to define a problem, sketch possible solutions, decide what to build, make a prototype and test it with real customers.
Within just 5 days you will know if you are on the right path!

How does it work?

The Design Sprint process consists of five steps each lasting one day:

01 Monday

We start the week by defining a long-term goal. We learn from your domain experts about the problem at hand. Ultimately, we agree on a challenging but achievable target for this week.

02 Tuesday

Today, we are focusing on possible solutions. In the morning we look at existing ideas, which we use as inspiration. In the afternoon, we will produce as many new ideas as possible by sketching different approaches.

03 Wednesday

In the morning we will have to make many decisions so that only one favorite solution remains. After lunch, we will elaborate the selected approach in more detail and design a step-by-step process.

04 Thursday

At this time, we have done the important preliminary work and we are fully focused on the development of the prototype - laptops and tablets are allowed again! We also do the definitive planning of the interviews on Friday.

05 Friday

Today it's all about testing and learning. We test the prototypes with five of your customers and will receive very much and important information about our assumptions made at the beginning of the week.

At the end of this intensive and productive week, you will know exactly what works and what does not work. You will know the required next steps and can tackle them with full speed ahead.

To get the desired results it is important that we can assemble a team consisting of different roles such as decision maker (CEO, product manager), marketing, development, design etc. A group of 5-7 people is optimal. The team has to be available for one week straight and there should be a room available for the whole week.
My role will be that of the facilitator, leading you through the entire process and contributing my knowledge in software design and development to the problem solving.

One Week Design Sprint: CHF 8'900.–

What's included?

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