Update #23

Another Friday, another update!

This week was the time! It marked the beginning of my first big project since I started freelancing in March. I'm happy that it was a successful start and that I still found some time to do important work for GOA Switzerland.

GOA Switzerland

September will be a busy month for me. I'm more or less 100% working on the new Design & Development project during that time. Additionally, there's a lot going on regarding my involvement with GOA Switzerland. Starting this evening, we will be at the "Illauer Chilbi" (a fair) for the weekend and are preparing the last things right now. Next weekend I will be at a retreat with the rest of the board, working on the strategy plan for the coming five years. With that comes a rebranding for our organisation, which we already worked on for some months and will be working on another couple months. There's also a special fundraising campaign planned for the month of October, needing some new pages on the website for which I'm responsible. And on top of all that, we're already preparing our annual meeting for friends and sponsors. Yesterday, I did the design for the flyer:

On Wednesday, I bought and configured the first official printer for our GOA office in Illnau. In addition, there's also a brand new cutting machine waiting to be used. Now, every volunteer/employee can print and cut there material themselves.

Successful start

This week I worked on the newly started project most of the time. To see if my planned approach works like I had anticipated was very exciting. I had a three hour kickoff meeting with my client on Monday to define the main goals and target groups for the new website. Based on that we further defined the structure and pages of the site. I was satisfied with the outcomes of this meeting and was able to begin the first phase of UX design. First, I sketched different layouts and user flows, then I transformed the most promising ones into digital wireframes. As a last step, I stitched the wireframes together into a clickable prototype. All of this happened from Monday afternoon to Wednesday morning. I met with the graphic designer on Wednesday afternoon to discuss my wireframes and prototype, so that she understands my thinking behind it.
It is a special project for me not only because it's my first big project but also because I use a CMS (Content Management System) called Craft CMS which I never used before. This means new tools and best practices, too. On Thursday I spent a couple hours reading tutorials and manuals to set up my local development environment and learn the new processes. Now I should be ready to start developing next week. It was a very exciting day and I learned a lot already. Maybe I will write another article about my current development setup. Although, considering my tight schedule in September this probably will take a while...
Thanks for reading.
And now off to the weekend!
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