Update #12

It's Friday again and another exciting week passed.

There's not much news this week, I mainly worked on finishing the second part of my client project.
Besides that I wrote an offer for a new website project and finally created a LinkedIn profile!
Read more about these two things below.

In my tip of the week you will learn how to visit old versions of websites.

Offer for another website project

This week I had the possibility to write an offer for another website project. This time it may be that I'm also responsible for the whole design of the website.
But what I'm happiest about is the fact, that this potential client found me solely by searching on Google for freelancers. He didn't have any previous connection to me and decided to write me about working together.
This means that all the work I put into my website and search engine optimization isn't that bad after all.
It was a great experience so far and I hope my offer will convince him about working with me.

LinkedIn profile

I've had a XING profile since a while already but it was only this week that I got around to finally create a LinkedIn profile too.
Whereas XING is very well-known in Germany and other German-speaking regions, LinkedIn has a bigger user base internationally. That's why I decided to create my profile in English.
I'm curious about what new contacts and possible projects I will get through this platform.
If you, too, have a XING or LinkedIn profile, please add me to your list of contacts – I will greatly appreciate it!

Tip of the week

There is a small and useful tool which I use from time to time called Wayback Machine. It's an archive of many websites across the internet.

With it, you're able to visit and often times even navigate past versions of certain websites. However, sometimes there's an image missing or a link doesn't work anymore.
As an example, see how the Google website looked like 10 years ago on June 9, 2007: https://web.archive.org/web/20070609091152/http://www.google.ch/

The tool can also be used to learn how certain websites got updated to improve the user experience.
Of course, you may also just take a walk down memory lane to the past times of the internet or be excited about how much the internet as a whole evolved.
Thanks for reading.
And now off to the weekend!
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