Update #33

Another Friday, another update!

This week I made good progress developing the website for Gabriella and her styling business "by Lella". In addition, I have made further reflections on future projects and commissions. My own project Wellfunded plays an important role in this thoughts.

Wellfunded - survey analysis

In order to find out which of the intended functions of the software are really important for charities and other non-profit organisations in Switzerland, I put together a short survey at the end of the summer.
The survey ran from the end of August to the beginning of November and during this period 34 out of 177 requested organisations took part. This is approximately 19.2%, which is a very good figure for such a survey.

I then displayed these data in a matrix with my own estimate of the technical effort. The matrix is divided into four areas, which clearly show which functions are to be implemented in a first version, a so-called MVP (Minimum Viable Product). In the graphic below, these are the functions marked in green. The orange functions are also important for the participating organisations, but they are very time-consuming and expensive, which is why they will probably not appear in the very first version. The red functions are not worthwhile due to the values from the survey and the technical requirements.

This survey has now yielded five main functions for the frontend (the one that the donors see) and four main functions for the administration interface.
Next, I will work out all functionalities and processes in more detail, whereupon I will be able to define the visual appearance and start the development.

Next steps to get new projects

After I had already adapted my CV last week as the first measure, I made some changes on my website this week, too.
Until now, I had advertised my three service products on the home page and presented my principles as a designer/developer. However, my Freelancer page could only be reached directly via the Google AdWords campaign or via a lonely link from the page "Specialized Software". I have adapted the site a little bit to better reflect my skills as a UX/UI designer and frontend developer. Now, you can also download the updated CV and I've written a new case study about Wellfunded. Additionally, I'm listing my principles as a designer/developer here, too.
These were just a few quick changes and adjustments to get a little closer to my goal of becoming a known UX/UI design freelancer.
I will probably implement bigger changes next year, maybe even a whole new website, for which I already have some ideas.
I could also imagine taking on a longer-term part-time commitment, if necessary also in permanent employment. This would allow me to gain further experience as a UX/UI designer in a professional environment, but at the same time I would still have some time for my own projects or smaller customer projects.
I will see what the time brings and in which direction I will continue my journey.
And finally, there is a date for all web developers or interested parties to mark:
The next WintiWebDev talk will take place on Monday, 27th November at 18:30.
I will give a 10-minute Lightning Talk on "Consistent UIs with Tailwind CSS - An Insight into Utility-First CSS"!
Detailed information: https://www.meetup.com/de-DE/WintiWebDev-Talks/events/242948327/
Thanks for reading.
And now off to the weekend!


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