Update #21

It's already Friday again and with that time for my weekly newsletter.

Besides programming the MailChimp archive plugin for Grav and making my first phone calls for the Wellfunded survey I attended the WintiWebDev meetup and gained a new client.

New project

Two weeks ago, I wrote that, hopefully, I will get another short term project for the rest of August. Despite the end of August is approaching fast, I got a new project this week! It starts today and will be finished next Tuesday.
It is just a small project but if all goes well the client will assign other small and also bigger projects to me over the coming months. I'm really happy this opportunity opened up to me before my bigger project for another client starts on September 4. This bigger project will provide me with work until the middle of October, after that a smaller project from the same client follows. During this two projects I eventually have to work a day here and there for my new client. All of this means I'm not available for new client projects until November. Of course, this also gives me some financial security, calm and time to plan my next steps and look out for new projects.


On Monday, I attended my second WintiWebDev-Talk at the Technopark Winterthur. There where two speeches about the JavaScript frameworks React and vue.js. I was mainly interested in hearing about vue.js as I plan to use it for Wellfunded. The talk provided me with a good overview of the framework, afterwards I took the opportunity to talk to the speaker directly to get even more first hand information.
Besides that I had some funny encounters. I met Roland with whom I attended the same class during my studies. He now works for a big company in California and just visited Switzerland for a couple weeks.
Two weeks ago, on a Tuesday, I had the opportunity to present myself at a small web development shop in Winterthur for a UX project. Unfortunately, I didn't get the job. But I met the two founders again at this weeks WintiWebDev meetup. We had a nice chat about what we're up to.
I also talked to the organiser of the meetup, who is planning a redesign of his company's product. He could need a little design help, so I handed him my business card. Hopefully, he will get back to me with a new project.
This evening was a great success for me personally. Also, it is a reminder how important it is to attend such events and speak to people directly, even in the time of digital communication.

Short updates regarding newsletter archive and Wellfunded survey

Newsletter archive: This week I devoted some time (about 8 hours over all) to programming a plugin for Grav CMS which enables me to display an archive of all my MailChimp campaigns. The very first version is applied on my own website: http://benigartenmann.ch/off-to-the-weekend
I plan to release it as an official plugin for others to use on their websites. I still need to make some adjustments before it is ready for prime time.

Wellfunded survey: On Tuesday, I did my first phone calls reaching out to Swiss charities, talking about Wellfunded and asking to fill out my survey. Although I didn't manage to make as much calls as I anticipated to, I still got very good and positive feedbacks already! This motivates me to continue my journey.
Thanks for reading.
And now off to the weekend!
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