Update #5

Last Friday was Good Friday, that's why I didn't send an update. In this update I have summarized the main things from the last two weeks.

You will get insights into my work for schoggihäsli.ch, the promised article, my first steps with Google AdWords as well as you efficiently work through your emails.

Tech Jargon

As promised in the last update I wrote an article about commonly used job titles and tech terms. The main reason for this article was, that I myself used this terms really frequently in my communication but a lot of the people outside this field had different understandings of the meaning. In a discussion I could provide my explanation in a sentence or two but on my website or in articles it is often not desirable to break the flow of the reader. The term may be used on different sites as well and to explain it every time is less than optimal. With this article I now have a resource at hand to which I can point to if necessary.
You can read it on my website: https://www.benigartenmann.ch/en/articles/tech-jargon

Logodesign for schoggihäsli.ch

In the week before Easter I worked on a logo design for the business idea of a friend of mine. Main goal was to create something with a big cuteness-factor. Thats why we decided to go with real photographs instead of the vector graphics after some testing.

You can view the logo on the live website here:  https://www.schoggihäsli.ch.

Google AdWords, Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager

On Monday a week ago I attended a Power-Seminar in Winterthur about Google AdWords to freshen up my knowledge about the possibilities of this marketing instrument. These three hours about chances and risks as well as tips and tricks motivated me to experiment with it myself.
That's why I spend a good amount of my time at the start of this week with configuring different Google AdWords campaigns for my services. The main goal is to get as many potential clients on my website as possible. The second step is to optimize my website, so that they also get in contact with me. To be able to make this optimizations I need good insight into my website traffic. I learned a lot about Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager and set up different goals for my website. Now I am curious about the effects these measures will have and I look forward to further optimize my website.

Tip of the week

Last week I presented you my email client of choice Polymail and the most useful functions for me.
This week I want to give you a short insight into how I process my incoming emails, so that I always have a good oversight and never miss anything.
In my previous job I got a lot of emails and I then introduced "email times" for myself, that meant I processed my emails three to four times a day instead of replying to every single email right away. This times usually where: at the beginning of my day, before lunch, between 3 and 4 pm and sometimes before  I left the office, depending on how long I worked that day.
These days I don't get that many emails anymore, so I don't keep these times very strictly.
But what I always do is to adhere to the 2-Minute-Rule.
This means for every email I receive I have to decide if I can answer it in two minutes or less. If not, I have to know why. Do I need further information? Do I need inputs from other people? Do I just not have enough time right now? For the first two reasons I just ask the corresponding person to give me the needed inputs and mark the email as "Waiting for response".
If I don't have enough time to answer the email properly, I use the function "read later" to receive the email again at the desired time, at which I can answer it. This is also possible with labels or folders if you don't use an email client with a "read later" functionality, but then it's less automated.
Both of these measures – the "email times" as well as the 2-Minute-Rule – add to the goal, to declutter my workday but at the same time answer my emails in a timely manner.
Thanks for reading.
And now off to the week (...end, sorry for delivering late...)!
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