Update #2

It's Friday again and another exciting week passed.
I am still busy developing and optimizing my website and documentation, so that potential customers can quickly learn about my skills and offerings.

Article adjustments

One adjustment affects the layout of the actual article. There is now a new box below the article in which I can "address" the reader personally and thus get a better reference or even a reaction (contact, share articles, etc.) from the reader.

On my articles page, I publish blog articles on various topics. Until now, the articles were simply listed by publication date. You could see the corresponding category, but you could not filter. This has not been a problem so far, as I have not written so many articles that it would be confusing. But since I have planned to write some new articles in the near future, I spent a few hours this week to implement a category filter.
With this it is now only possible to display articles only of the desired category.

These two additions are supposed to motivate and support me reaching my goal to write more articles - next Friday, you will read about how good that has already worked out ;)

More case studies and website adjustments

This week my focus was again on the preparation of case studies of completed projects.
At the moment these are only available as PDF versions in German, as this is the desired form for applications for freelance projects. However, I also plan to integrate these as separate case study pages on my website.

Furthermore, I am thinking about whether I should create a separate page for my freelance activity, distinguished from my other services. This would be more in the form of an online profile with my skills, previous projects and information on fees and co-operation.
But I'm still not sure if this is the right way to do it, so I'll think more about it next week.

Tip of the week

Do you also have countless logins to various platforms, tools, apps and websites? And if you anything like me, you most likely have the same or at least a similar password for all of these. For me this was the case for years despite knowing it better in theory.
But this week I finally tackled this problem and bought a password manager. With such a tool, you can save any login with username and password. With the built-in password generator you can easily create long and complicated passwords. In the end you only have to remember the master password for accessing all other passwords.
I have decided to use the password manager 1Password. It has good integrations with all popular browsers as well as apps for macOS, Windows, iOS and Android.
If you want to improve the security of your online accounts, I recommend you also start using a password manager.
Thanks for reading.
And now off to the weekend!
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