Update #9

It's already Friday again but this week I didn't do as much as I would have liked to.
I got sick on Monday and didn't really recover for the whole week, so I did just the most important things.

I would like to write about two things that happened this week, nonetheless. One is an event for NPOs about online fundraising that I attended and the other is the start of a campaign with the prototype of Wellfunded, the fundraising app I'm developing.
And of course you get the tip of the week: how to make good use of the mouse wheel click!

NPO breakfast event organized by AZ Direct

This Wednesday morning I attended an event organized by AZ Direct, which is a marketing company. They organize such breakfast events about twice a year. This time the event was only for NPOs and I attended it in behalf of my role for GOA Switzerland (the charity I do volunteer work for).
There were three speeches about the topics of Google Ad Grants, online marketing audit and data-deriven multichannel-marketing. Even though the presented use cases where all from much bigger charity organizations, I still got a good insight and GOA Switzerland can certainly use some of the tactics as well.
Of course, I also wanted to know what the other attendees think of online fundraising and how their organization uses digital tools for their work. I do have the impression that there is still a huge potential in this section. That's also why I dedicated an own site about this topic and why I'm developing a new online fundraising tool myself.

Fundraising campaign powered by the Wellfunded prototype

The second topic today has to do with GOA Switzerland and my fundraising tool Wellfunded as well. Last autumn we made a first fundraising campaign with the prototype of Wellfunded.
This week we started another such campaign with a slightly improved prototype: Peace before the election.
By doing this I will gain more insights about what to improve, what works and what's still missing.
If I do have enough capacity, I hope I will be able to release a public beta version of Wellfunded. This would enable small and medium-sized charities to do their own fundraising campaigns as well.
If you want to be the first to know the latest about the development, the decisions and the thinking behind the scenes, please do subscribe at: https://www.wellfunded.ch/
And if you know a charity/aid organisation that would benefit from such a tool, please send them the link above!

Tip of the week

If you're using a mouse with a mousewheel that also can be clicked, I have some simple usage tips for you.
Maybe you already know all of these, but if not, you will be able to save some clicks afterwards!
Use the mousewheel-click, to do these things in your browser:
- open links in a new tab (instead of right click > Open in new tab)
- close open tabs (instead of clicking the "X" or right click > close tab)

In Firefox you can use a fast scroll feature by clicking anywhere on the page (except links of course) with the mousewheel. It now display a circle with arrows pointing up and down. If you move your mouse up or down relative to this circle, the page starts to scroll. The speed can be controlled with the distance between the mouse and the circle.
Thanks for reading.
And now off to the weekend!

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