Update #20 🎉

It's already Friday again and with that time for my weekly newsletter.
I'm happy to send you Update #20 of "Off to the weekend" today!

This week felt really short! There was a lot to be done and I also had some interesting calls and meetings, which may lead to new projects in the future.

Newsletter archive

With my 20th newsletter approaching I had the plan to release all sent newsletter in a publicly available archive on my own website. With that two goals should be reached. First, subscribers which joined the list on a later date should be able to read older updates, too. Second, the newsletters should be searchable and indexable by search engines, driving more traffic to my website.
As it turned out this wasn't as easy as I thought after all.
Mailchimp does provide a campaign archive on their own servers, displaying the last 20 newsletters. They even provide a small script to implement an archive list on your own website. But this is very limited in terms of styling and the newsletter content itself is still on their servers. 
To get all the newsletters as part of my own website and get full control over the appearance, Mailchimp advises to use their API.
Unfortunately, there isn't a plugin for Grav I could use to implement it on my website. As it was already Thursday evening, I ditched my plan of releasing my own newsletter archive together with Update #20 of "Off to the weekend".
But I still want to reach my two goals, so I will try to develop my own Grav plugin for that. Hopefully, I will be able to finish it before the end of August.

Wellfunded survey

As I wrote in my last update I put together a short survey to learn more about the most important features a fundraising app like Wellfunded should provide to charities.
My intention was to send it to a list of Swiss charities this week. Before sending it, I asked a friend of mine for feedback.
He gave me some really valuable input. Based on that I will have to add some questions to my survey, others I will change or remove altogether.

"I would call the responsible person at the charity to explain your concept and why you're doing the survey. Then, if they are interested, send them the link to the survey. This way probably more people will fill out the survey. With just an email it's all to easy to loose it in the spam folder or just delete it."

This was another piece of advise and his argumentation made a lot of sense to me. So I decided to try it out. This also means I didn't send my survey this week and it will take a bit more time than I originally thought. My new plan is to start calling some charities next week. I'm already curious about what feedback I will get from them.
Thanks for reading.
And now off to the weekend!
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