Update #13

It's Friday again and another exciting week passed.

This week I write about topics with a promising future.
The first part is about an important step into digitalizing your workflows, the second part is about electric vehicles and renewable energy.

At the end you get two small tips relevant to these two topics.

SuisseID - electronic signature

I sent the request for an electronic signature, the so called SuisseID, this Tuesday.
With that I will be able to sign documents like offers and contracts  with a legally valid digital signature and send them via email.
This simplifies the whole process a lot, takes less time and my clients willl receive te documents faster. Besides that I also save some money because I need less paper, less toner, less stamps and do not need to go to the post office.
This would be a great and important first step into digitalizing their workflows for many companies. But you can also use the SuisseID as a private person.
I ordered my SuisseID at Swiss Post: https://www.post.ch/en/business/a-z-of-subjects/suisseid/advantages-and-examples-from-practice/qualified-electronic-signature

I'm looking forward to using the SuisseID in my every day business life and will write a short wrap up after some time.

Domain meetup "E-Mobility and solar electricity"

I'm very interested in the developments on e-mobility and dream about having an electric car myself, powered from own solar electricity. I'm certain that there will be a lot of change in these fields over the next few years.
These new electricity products are often combined with digital products like smartphone apps, control panels, touch displays in cars and what not. That's interesting to me from a professional point of view, of course. I would like to work with innovative and forward-looking companies in the domains of e-mobility and renewable energy.

That are the reasons why attended the domain meetup "E-Mobility and renewable energy" organised by Solarkraftwerkgemeinschaft Seuzach.
There were two interesting speeches. One about the current market situation, potentials and "holding backs", the different actors and how they influence the market, by Urs Schwegler of  e'mobile.
After that, Marco Piffaretti of Protoscar told us about their new concept project "Sun2Wheel" which uses old car batteries from electric vehicles as a storage.

There were many interesting conversations afterwards while enjoying some delightful snacks.

Tip of the week

I keep it really short this week, but I provide you with two tips instead, which are relevant to the topics above.

If you need to sign many documents: order a SuisseID and save some time and money!

If you want to wait until I publish my short review, maybe you can use my second tip in the mean time:

Order the device to test your electricity consumption to test your electricity consumption for free from EKZ.
Thanks for reading.
And now off to the weekend!
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