Update #25

Another Friday, another update!
Together with my wife, we celebrated our 4th wedding anniversary on Thursday! We are happy and thankful for the past four years and hope that we will be able to experience many more years together.
Anyway, this week was all about looking back and celebrating as well as looking ahead and planning the future.

25th Anniversary of Gartenmann Software AG

Gartenmann Software AG is celebrating its 25th anniversary and the event is being held this afternoon/evening. Since it is the company of my father, I have experienced a large part of the company's history myself.
When I was little, the company was small too, first as a sole proprietorship, later as a limited liability company. As I grew older and older the company als grew and was finally converted into an AG (privately held incorporated company).
Probably, my father and his company are not completely innocent in the fact that I have chosen to become a software developer, too. After completing my professional education, I was able to spend some of my most intensive but also most educational years in this company.
Naturally, over the course of these 25 years, there were some changes too; the staff changed, the location changed, the technology changed and so on. However, there are also some key factors that remained unchanged: great commitment to the customer, training of new specialists, flat hierarchies, promotion of young professionals.
All things that made the company successful over the years!
Even though I couldn't always understand and agree with certain decisions at the time, nowadays I am proud of my father and what he has achieved with his company.
I am excited to see where the company is headed in the future!

IMS Alumni Association

On Thursday evening, the founding event for the IMS Alumni Association took place.
IMS stands for "Informatikmittelschule" (school of computer science) and is the traineeship I did from 2006-2010.
It was exciting to learn about the different paths former IMS graduates took in their professional life. With some of them, I already worked together during my professional career, others I only knew from the occasional encounter at school.
Erwin Eugster, head of IMS at Büelrain in Winterthur, held the opening speech and explained what has changed from the year 2000 (start of the first IMS class) to this day and what remained the same.
The goals of the Alumni Association are:
  • Promotion of young professionals
  • Networking between specialists
  • Socializing
In order to achieve this, an alumni event will be held once a year, and a platform will be set up to which the alumni have access.
In my eyes, the IMS is a very worthwhile training which gives you a good head-start into the world of software development. I recommend it to all who are not tired of attending school after their graduation from secondary school.
Thanks for reading.
And now off to the weekend!
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