Update #15

It's Friday – oh, I mean Saturday – again and an exciting week passed.
Yes, I know, I'm one day late with sending my newsletter... but I hope you already got off to the weekend nonetheless!

This week I write about my new checklist for offers and my next steps with Wellfunded, the fundraising app I'm making.

After reading my tip of the week, you'll know which program is best suited to digitally sign your PDFs with your SuisseID.

Checklist for offers

This week, I made and sent two new offers to potential clients!
The process of making a new offer is not very automated at the moment, so I still have to do many things by hand. Since I already did a number of offers, I know what is needed by now – and I also did forget one or two things occasionally.
That's why I decided to come up with a checklist for the whole process, from calculating the cost to creating the final offer to finally send the offer per email.
With that I made sure to never forget something important for future offers.

Wellfunded - next steps

This past week I got some time to work on my own project again – the fundraising app Wellfunded.
I thought a lot about the next steps I should take. I know the features of the tool for a first version and also what I would like to implement in future versions. I also know from my work for GOA Switzerland that the idea resonates well with donors. What I don't know is, how many other charities/NPOs I would find that are willing to give another fundraising solution a try.
That defined my next goal: writing to a couple of charities here in Switzerland and asking if they could imagine working with my solution. Or if they have other areas where they wish a good software solution would exist.
I'm not quite sure yet how to best approach the organisations. I thought of a short PDF brochure with an integrated questionnaire, a Google Forms questionnaire or via the website. The PDF oder Google Forms solutions would be the quickest to make but using the website would be way more flexible.
My tendency leans towards using the website. That's why I started to design a new marketing website. It's not quite there yet but I'm happy with the direction it's taking.

If you know any charity or NPO which would be interested in an online fundraising tool such as Wellfunded (or which have other software needs like donation management etc.), please let me know!

Tip of the week

In Update #13 I wrote about how I want to digitally sign my documents with SuisseID in the future.
I got my own SuisseID in the mean time and made it work on my computer. There were some difficulties to start with, however. There are two software tools on the official SuisseID website, which you could use for signing documents. One of which (SwissSigner) is already a bit older and will not be supported in the long run. They recommend to use the other one called Open eGov LocalSigner. After installation, some tests and also some crashes, it was obvious that this not a solution I would be happy with.

Finally, I found a short guide about how to integrate the SuisseID certificate into Adobe Acrobat, making it possible to sign documents with this well-known PDF viewer.
This option works best even though the initial effort required is a bit higher.
I plan on writing a long-form article about SuisseID and there will be a step-to-step-guide on using it with Adobe Acrobat.
Thanks for reading.
And now – enjoy the rest of your weekend!
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