Update #14

It's Friday again and it was literally a hot week!

I'll tell you how I tried to stay productive despite the hot weather.
Furthermore, I researched how to best develop a cross platform mobile app these days.
For the tip of the week I shortly introduce you my app of choice for taking notes.

Being productive despite the heat

We had really hot weather this week in Switzerland, with temperatures between 30° and 35° celsius during the day and even in the night the temperature didn't sink under 20° in many places.
Being productive and concentrated despite the heat is nearly impossible.
I'm not able to work at my regular workplace at temperatures around 25° because it is located in the attic. I then changed my location to our terrace, where I had shadow and wind and was able to do my work. But this week it was even to hot for that!
I therefore tried different things to get some productive hours out of my day.

I got out of bed early to use the cool hours in the morning to get the most important things done.
After lunch I only did some light work that didn't require much brain power. From time to time the little boy from our neighbors splashed some water over my feeds to keep me cool – marvelous!
On Wednesday I even started to take a siesta, taking a nap for 1-2 hours. I then worked from 18.00 to 22.00 in the evening in return. The temperatures were back to a bearable level and I could do more and better work for sure.
The most pleasant place to work would be in our workshop, an old cowhouse. Unfortunately, I do not have an internet connection in there, which means I can't do many of my work there.
If the heat continues like this week, I do have to think about extending my WLAN into the workshop.
Otherwise I could also keep taking a siesta :)

I really enjoy it that I can be flexible with my working hours like this because of me being a freelancer right now. This way I can plan my work day to achieve the best productivity for myself.

Mobile App Development

I did some research for a potential project about developing a cross platform mobile app for iOS and Android.
To be able to choose the right tool for the job, you need to know the clients requirements, the intended purpose of the app, the available development resources and knowhow as well as the available documentation of the framework.
Based on these criteria I took a look at following possibilities:
- Native development with Swift (iOS) and Kotlin (Android)
Xamarin with C# (iOS, Android, Windows)
Titanium/Appcelerator with JavaScript (iOS, Android)
RubyMotion with Ruby (iOS, Android)
React Native with JavaScript (iOS, Android)

Out of these possibilities the most promising ones based on the requirements of the project and the already available knowhow are Xamarin, Titanium and RubyMotion. I will further evaluate these ways of developing a cross platform mobile app.

Tip of the week

I started taking my notes in an app on my iPad during my studies and did so ever since.
For that I use the awesome note taking app called GoodNotes, which is available for iPhone and iPad.
You can take notes in PDFs or create own freehand notebooks and there's even a pretty solid OCR (optical character recognition) which let's you easily search your handwritten notes.
You can connect different SmartStylus via bluetooth to further enhance the experience. I use Pencil of FiftyThree since years.
If you, too, want to take the advantages of digital note taking, I really recommend to check this app out.
Thanks for reading.
And now off to the weekend!
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