Update #8

It's Friday again and another exciting week passed.

In this update I report you about my activity on the Grav CMS forum, my small project mentioned last week and how you capture screenshots with macOS.

Grav CMS Forum

Last year I took notice of a new CMS, which convinced me with its feature set and the simple way of doing things. I then developed my own website with it to better learn the system.
I'm taking part in conversations on the official Grav forum by now, trying to answer questions other users have. I do not know everything, of course, so it's also a great resource to learn new things myself.
I gained a lot of my knowledge about web development and design from forums, tutorials and articles, so I want to invest some of my time in the future to contribute my experience back to the community. The Grav forum is a first step in this direction.


Even though this was not planned, I got a small project from the forum mentioned above.
I was able to make some adjustments for the website of a startup in Berlin, which is also developed with the Grav CMS.
The website is now ready and the new company and their product can take off. They also set up a crowdfunding campaign, which starts tomorrow, May 13:
I will follow along the journey of this company and keep my fingers crossed for their funding!

Tip of the week

I often need a screenshot of something currently shown on my display for doing my work.
Most of the times I need to capture the whole window of an app, but sometimes I just need a fraction of the screen.
Luckily, macOS has a good built-in way of doing these things!
With the shortcut shift+command+4 you activate the screenshot utility (now there is a crosshair instead of your regular mouse pointer) and you can capture a portion of your screen by clicking and dragging. If you want to take a screenshot of an entire window, you have to press the spacebar afterwards (the crosshair changes to a camera). Pressing spacebar again you change back to the other mode.
By clicking your mouse you take the screenshot, which is saved on your desktop.
Thanks for reading.
And now off to the weekend!
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