Update #16

It's Friday again and an exciting week passed.

I didn't spend much time in front of a computer this week, instead I enjoyed the nice weather outside.

It's all about the variety!

As soon as I thought about going freelance last year, it was already clear to me that I want to use the freedom in time management, to not always be sitting in front of a computer. I intended to do more canoe tours as a canoe guide with Trango. In spring this year yet another opportunity to spend more time outside opened up.
At GEOINFO Vermessungen AG I have the possibility to work as a survey assistant out in the field a couple days a month. This collaboration only had advantages for me so far. I learned a lot about a job unknown to me, I spend time outside doing manual work, these days enable me to take a step back from the current project and gain new motivation and ideas and it provided me with a certain basic income each month. This week I helped out GEOINFO with some work in and around Wil on Monday.

Next up on the agenda was a canoe tour from Kleinandelfingen to Eglisau on Tuesday. The weather as well as the water level couldn't be better for the school class taking this trip. I really enjoyed this day filled with paddling and I'm grateful for being able to even get some money out of it.

On Wednesday and Thursday it was mostly back to normal, I had to do some work in the office as well as some housekeeping.

Today on Friday it's already a special day again. I'm the groomsman of a good friend of mine and organized a bachelor party for tonight. To get to the location and as a way of being prepared for the evening, we do a short roadster-trip with a new Mazda MX-5 this afternoon. This will be fun!

I realize that it's not possible to always have a week like this. But I almost certainly won't be always fully booked as a freelancer, so I want to benefit from such opportunities.
There will be times with more work to do and the projects for clients are my first priority during 40 hours a week.
I hope you could enjoy the summer days of this week, too!
Thanks for reading.
And now off to the weekend!
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