Update #19

I'm back from my summer holidays and after a short work week it's already Friday again.

Of course, I had to answer a lot of emails and some missed calls first thing this week.
July was a dry month project wise, so it was good to see some interesting contacts and projects in my inbox.

Order situation

Back in June I had the possibility to present myself to a potential client. The presentation went well and afterwards I made two project proposals for this client. This week I finally received the positive answer that I won both projects. Presumably, I will be working on these projects from the start of September to the middle of November.
Furthermore, I had an interesting call with the CEO of a software company in Zurich, who's seeking an iOS Developer for different mobile app projects. Unfortunately, I do not have enough experience in native iOS development to be of much help for him.
Another promising contact I had was with a small web design agency which needs some more man power for various Grav CMS projects. This would be a perfect fit for me as I already have knowledge with this system and planned to do more projects with it anyway.
Hopefully, I can land another short-term project for the rest of August. Otherwise I will focus on my projects for GOA Switzerland and my fundraising tool Wellfunded.

Wellfunded survey

The concept of a MVP (Minimum Viable Product) is the way I want to go with my side project Wellfunded. This means developing a product with the smallest set of features possible to still meet the essential requirements of the users. Of course, I do have many more ideas for the tool than it should contain in this first version. 
To get the most valuable ones for the users of the app – charities and other nonprofit organizations – I created a short survey. Next week, I will send it to a list of Swiss charities that I put together over the last couple months. If you know any Swiss charity or nonprofit organization yourself which could be interested in a smart and efficient tool to raise funds, please let me know at mail@benigartenmann.ch!
Thanks for reading.
And now off to the weekend!
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