Update #7

It's Friday again and another exciting week passed.

As always I let you know about the current state of building my business. You will find out about my first projects, a new blog article, my "first" steps in accounting and a time-saving tip for your every day browsing.

First projects

As I wrote in update #5, I made a logo for schoggihaesli.ch, which was my first project after starting my own company.
And I got two more projects this week!
Both of them are about website development with my CMS of choice "Grav" (https://getgrav.org).
One of them is rather small as it is only some small changes of an existing website. The other one is the development of a new website. I will make sure to tell you more about it in one of the future updates.
I'm really excited about my progress so far and that I could land my first clients!

New article in the making

At the beginning of March I planned to write and publish one blog article per week. Unfortunately I couldn't manage to make it happen...
I'm not a very good writer yet and underestimated the time it would take to write an article. I first write the article in German and design an image for the article, I then translate it to English, as I want everything on my website to be available in German and English.
Anyway, I'm back at writing a new article with the title "What I learned by cycling to work".
I completed my community service last year in different companies and often got to work by bike. I wasn't really motivated everyday and also experienced all the different kinds of weather from freezing cold over to hefty rain but also refreshing sunshine.
One day, while riding my bike to work, I noticed, that a lot of these experiences could be translated to my business life as well. And this will be the content of my article. Right now I just have a list of keywords and a first draft for the image – both of them need some more thoughts.
Visit my blog to the end of next week, as it should be online by then. It would make me very happy!


I set myself the goal to make everything it takes to run a business by myself. This includes things I'm good at like designing a logo, business cards or the website (read more on that here). But it includes things I'm not very good yet at as well, for example searching for new clients, doing sales, writing offers or doing the accounting.
Thanks to my education I do have a basic training in things like economics and accounting, so it isn't completely new to me.
After two months now I think I encountered most cases I need to do accounting for at least once. First, I needed to open the books and after my incorporation a lot of invoices followed. But I could also post some earnings as well as my own salary with all the social security contributions already.
I discussed some obscurities with my sister-in-law who is a trustee by profession.
To do my accounting I use a Swiss online tool called "CashCtrl" which was recommended to me by a colleague. There is a free version which I use and a pro version with extended functionality.
Until now I'm really happy with it and I can recommend it for small businesses: http://cashctrl.ch/en/

Tip of the week

You are certainly used to tabs if you browse the web a lot. With them you can have multiple website loaded in a single browser window.
If you use web based tools on a regular basis, you probably got into a habit of always opening the same sites in tabs right after starting your browser.
For me this would be Gmail, Google Calendar and Cushion (my project scheduling tool).
But there is a really useful function in every major browser which will save you some clicks. You can pin tabs so that they will be there and loaded right after you start the browser.
To pin a tab, browse to the desired website and make a right click on the tab and choose "Pin tab" in the menu. The pinned tabs will be smaller and showing only the icon of the website.
Thanks for reading.
And now off to the weekend!
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