Update #27

Another Friday, another update!

My current website development project continues step by step. The responsive basic layout and the templates for the different content pages are almost completed. The next step is integration with the CRM system used.
In addition, I've been working on a new product logo this week, which I will report on in a future update.
What else kept me busy, you may read in the two sections below.

New Project – Logo & Website

On Monday I had the kick-off meeting for my latest project. I am responsible for designing the logo and implementing the website for a young, motivated style and clothing consultant. She was already able to pass on a lot of valuable information to me, as she had already thought a lot about it and knew quite well in which direction the design should go. This often makes it easier for me because I can use my creativity in a more focused way.
Since she is still in the process of setting up her business, she doesn't have a huge budget. For this reason, I will not design and implement the design for the website myself, but I will use a pre-designed theme. Since there are thousands of them and they can often be personalized very easily, I am convinced that we will create a website that will serve her well over the next few years.

GOA Schweiz – Strategie & Rebranding

As I wrote in Update #23 at the beginning of September, we are currently working on defining GOA Switzerland's strategy for the next 5 years. Unfortunately, the Executive Board weekend in mid-September was not enough to make a final decision on all points. That's why we have planned another whole day to complete the strategy development today.
Even though these are very intensive days and discussions, it is worthwhile to think about these things. A new focus is being placed on the important work and the goals for the coming years are being set. This motivates us to stick to the matter and to tackle further projects with new enthusiasm.
The strategy plan for the next 5 years is also an important document for further work on the ongoing rebranding. It will help to better align GOA Switzerland with the goals to be achieved and better communicate the newly acquired focus.
I am looking forward to working on the rebranding again after a long break and I am excited about what will come out in the end!
I will continue to report on this occasionally in the coming updates.
Thanks for reading.
And now off to the weekend!
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