Update #3

It's Friday again and another exciting week passed.

Learn more about the new focus of my third service product, the interesting evening at Simplificator and why you should take a short walk outside now and then.

Better distinction between services

This week, I mainly focused on describing my service "Individual Project" more precisely.
I therefore created a new service product called "Specialized software", which is aimed at small and mid-sized businesses, which want to digitalize their own workflows with an intuitive and modern software.
What was rather vague and without a clear direction previously, has now a clear focus and a defined target audience.

As you see, I wrote a lot this week and the results are as followed: 
- Service product "Specialized Software"
- Page about my freelance offering
- Article about my thinking behind the changes

Railshöck @Simplificator

This Wednesday evening I attended a Railshöck, a regularly held meetup of the Swiss Ruby on Rails UserGroup, for the first time.  I've wanted to attend one for years, but somehow it never worked out so far.
Now I took the chance and travelled to Zurich to the office of Simplificator, a web development company working with Ruby on Rails.
I learned a lot about the newest Rails Version 5.1, got in contact with many interesting people and had many nice conversations – it was a very worthwhile evening for me.

Tip of the week

From Monday through Wednesday I've worked at least an hour in our garden every afternoon. This made me think about the following once again.
Often, you sit in front of your computer all day, from early in the morning until the evening, only to realize that the day was so beautiful, it's a shame you didn't find time to be outside.
Luckily, it is known that a short stroll outside can work wonders if you don't make progress on a complicated problem.
So my recommendation is: If it's not possible for you to take an afternoon off in a beautiful week like this, then take at least a short walk taking some fresh air. Afterwards you will spend your remaining hours for the day more productive – it is worth it!
Thanks for reading.
And now off to the weekend!
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