Update #29

Another Friday, another update!

This week I finished the implementation of the basic layout of my current website project. The next step is the integration with the customer's new CRM. In order to find a suitable CRM system, I was asked to make the technical evaluations for the customer and to advise him in these matters.
In today's update I would like to give you a short insight into my first, completed website project and after this I have a little tip for all of you working from home.


It's been a while since I was able to implement my first website project as a freelance developer. In Update #7 in May 2017 I mentioned the start of the project, but I didn't report about it afterwards.
Since the websites are online for a while now, it's high time that I gave you a short insight into the work!

The project was to develop the new main website for the Institute of Building Hygiene and the sub-sites for their expert offices.
The customer had already worked out the design of the websites in advance. In the course of the development work, however, we continued to optimise and, if necessary, adapt this in cooperation. The result is an appealing website that works across smartphones, tablets and desktop computers.
I implemented the design with HTML5/CSS3 and small batches of JavaScript completely from scratch. The website is based on the powerful GRAV CMS. This provides the customer with a modern, fast and easy to use content management system for managing the contents of the website.

Main website for the Institute of Building Hygiene: https://www.bauhygiene.ch
Expert Office Chur: https://chur.bauhygiene.ch

Break through mental blockades

Every software developer or designer will know it: You've been sitting in front of the same problem for hours, but simply can't find a solution. Soon you end up at a point where you're just turning in cycles - frustrating!
Fortunately, there are methods of breaking out of this mental blockade.
Very popular in teams: discuss the problem with a colleague. Often he doesn't even have to express his opinion about it, as the solution is already found when the problem is told. Another variation: go out, take a short walk and take a breath of fresh air. But I always had a hard time walking out of the office in the middle of the day...

The first option doesn't work for me anymore because I don't have any team mates around me at home anymore, the second option would actually work better today, but unfortunately I very rarely do this.
In the last few weeks, however, I have had several successes with my own "home office" version!
When I arrived at a point where it just didn't go any further, I interrupted my work and devoted myself to a housekeeping task. This could be doing the laundry or doing the dishes. Basically simple work that didn't require thinking. After a few minutes of doing these activities, my thoughts began to wander and to try solving the problem. After about 10-20 minutes I had finished my housekeeping task and at the same time found a solution to my development problem or a new idea for a design! And as a bonus, my wife is also happy about the cleaned up kitchen or the folded laundry ;)
I recommend giving this method a try to anyone working from home.
Thanks for reading.
And now off to the weekend!
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