Empowering aid organisations

Aid organisations around the world make great efforts to improve the lives of many people every day. This requires an enormous amount of time, organisation and finances. Through my own involvement in the aid organisation GOA Switzerland, I experience again and again how important and meaningful this work is. I see great potential in our modern tools to simplify the operations of aid organisations. I have set myself the goal to empower as many organisations as possible.

Through software

Today's technology offers many new ways to facilitate cooperation, to reach new groups of donors and to communicate more effectively. With targeted use of suitable software it also does not have to cost a lot of money.


There will be interesting and helpful articles soon.


Through KnowHow

For several years now I have been responsible for all IT matters (website, email, wiki, Tool on grants management etc.) of GOA Switzerland and I am also a member of the board. Through these activities, I know what it needs to operate a small aid organisation. In addition, I work as a freelance software developer and designer to develop custom applications for clients. I would like to pass on this accumulated know-how to other aid organisations.


There will be interesting and helpful articles soon.


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